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The average age of entry for youth into sex trafficking in Arizona is 14 years old. ASU Sex Trafficking and Intervention Research (STIR)

Yavapai County Sex Trafficking Symposium

On January 25, the Arizona Human Trafficking Council, in collaboration with the Yavapai County Attorney's Office and Yavapai College, hosted the Yavapai County Sex Trafficking Symposium.  The Symposium included training on the dynamics of sex trafficking and an introduction to the Arizona Guidelines for Developing a Regional Response to Youth Sex Trafficking .  The Symposium also initiated a collaborative process for developing/strengthening regional coalitions and multidisciplinary teams to provide a coordinated and consistent, victim-centered response to sex trafficking.  A multidisciplinary group of over 80 people attended the  Yavapai County Sex Trafficking Symposium, including: law enforcement, prosecutors, behavioral health providers, medical providers, victim advocates, DCS and community members.

Yavapai County Sex Trafficking Symposium
Arizona Guidelines to Fight Youth Sex Trafficking

The Governor’s Office of Youth, Faith and Family (GOYFF) together with the Arizona Human Trafficking Council is pleased to announce the release of the Arizona Guidelines for Developing a Regional Response to Youth Sex Trafficking .  The Guidelines are a statewide model that serves as a roadmap of best practices for providing a coordinated response to victims of youth sex trafficking.

The Arizona Human Trafficking Council has identified the need for guidelines to assist communities throughout Arizona to help develop a coordinated response to sex trafficking which will limit additional trauma to a victim while holding perpetrators accountable for this heinous crime. 

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Survivor Story

Survivor leadership is critical in combatting sex trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation. Survivors' voices demonstrate strength and courage.  Listen to their stories and advocate for change.

Arizona Laws

On April 22, 2014, Governor Brewer signed House Bill 2454 into law. This bill strengthened state law by increasing penalties for human trafficking while improving and enhancing protective measures for the victimized and vulnerable.

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The Arizona Human Trafficking Council, under the Governor’s Office of Youth, Faith, and Family, was established in 2014 to develop a comprehensive and coordinated victims’ service plan; evaluate and report to the governor statewide data on human trafficking; promote greater collaboration with law enforcement, state agencies and the community-at-large; and raise public awareness about victims services, restitution and prevention.

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