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Training in Arizona

Through the promotion of multidisciplinary collaboration, the Arizona Human Trafficking Council continues to guide Arizona's statewide response to sex and labor trafficking with an increased focus on providing trauma-informed care. The Council also partners with the Governor's Youth Commission and their newly-formed human trafficking committee to ensure that teenagers have access to age-appropriate human trafficking awareness materials and resources to educate and support their peers.

In 2018, the primary goal of the Council was to continue to promote public awareness on the issues of human trafficking, victims services and prevention, through trainings, data analysis, and collaboration.

Since the inception of the Arizona Human Trafficking Council in 2014, members have provided trainings and awareness presentations to over 31,000 professionals and community members statewide. 

Human Trafficking Training

Outreach & Awareness Subcommittee

Chaired by Chief Gary McCarthy of the Arizona Department of Transportation, the Outreach & Awareness Subcommittee promotes public awareness about human trafficking, victim services and trafficking prevention. The subcommittee works to identify new relationships for distribution of human trafficking awareness materials and presents Human Trafficking 101 and resources available to address human trafficking to community partners.

Number of People Reached HT

During 2018, the subcommittee reached over 600 new stakeholders including Tribal Communities and high school students. Some highlights of the work include:

  • A three day human trafficking training for staff at three casinos on the Navajo Nation (Flagstaff, Holbrook and Farmington, New Mexico).

  • Participation in the 2018 Summit on Human Dignity, which educated 300 Brophy College Preparatory students on human trafficking

  • Chief Gary McCarthy attended the quarterly Arizona Human Trafficking Intel Network Meetings hosted by the Arizona Department of Public Safety.
  • Participation in the “Kids at Hope” training for the Yuma County Probation Department.

  • The Arizona Attorney General hosted Truckers Against Trafficking where the subcommittee presented to approximately 60 people.

  • Presenting to social service workers, city employees, faith-based individuals, school employees and county officials at the Pinal County Social Services Network Meeting.

Subcommittee on Training, Data & Outreach

The Arizona Human Trafficking Council's Subcommittee on Training/Data & Research develops and facilitates training on the identification of and response to trafficking victims across the state of Arizona. These trainings are based in best practice and promote multidisciplinary collaboration.

Number Trained HT

Trainings provided by this committee include education on:

  • National and state definitions of human trafficking
  • State and local response resources
  • The issue of demand
  • School based prevention education
  • A study of  Arizona specific trafficking cases

The subcommittee is also charged with collecting and analyzing data on human trafficking in Arizona.

2018 Statewide Outreach

From May 2018 through December 2018, in collaboration with the Service Enterprise Initiative and Service and Volunteerism issue areas, Ms. Joanna Juaregui, the GOYFF Human Trafficking Prevention AmeriCorps VISTA member, conducted "Introduction to Human Trafficking" awareness presentations across the state. 

Number Trained HT

The presentations included information on:

  • Definitions related to human trafficking
  • Vulnerable populations
  • Risk and protective factors
  • Implications of human trafficking on victims and society
  • Local resources to combat human trafficking at a community level

To date, 264 community members representing 149 organizations have received an introductory presentation on the issue.

Additional information on outreach efforts in Arizona can be found in the Human Trafficking Council's 2018 Annual Report.