Office of the Arizona Governor Doug Ducey
Governor's Office of Youth, Faith and Family

Training / Data & Research Committee

The Training, Data & Research Subcommittee of the Arizona Human Trafficking Council develops and facilitates training on the identification of and response to trafficking victims across the state of Arizona. These trainings are based in best practice and promote multidisciplinary collaboration. Trainings provided by this committee include education on the national and state definitions of human trafficking; state and local response resources; the issue of demand; school based prevention education; and a study of Arizona-specific trafficking cases. The subcommittee is also charged with collecting and analyzing data on human trafficking in Arizona.

2018 Highlights:

From January to September 2018, members of the subcommittee hosted 35 sex trafficking trainings for a total of 3,441 individuals trained. Training audiences were made up of social service agencies, child welfare workers, clinical providers, tribal social services, hospital residents and emergency room personnel, and the community at-large. Human trafficking trainings included:

● a two-day summit in Tucson with a focus on increasing the clinical capacity of providers in southern Arizona to treat sex trafficking victims with skills including motivational interviewing and the Sanctuary Model of trauma-informed work;
● Arizona Department of Juvenile Corrections staff who serve youth in long-term detention;
● a number of trainings specific to Native American victims in Northern Arizona for tribal law enforcement and social services;
● three medical-focused statewide trainings for Forensic Nurse Examiners and sexual assault responders; and
● staff at the Arizona Department of Child Safety completed a mandatory online sex trafficking and vulnerable children training

In 2018, the subcommittee published the following studies:

● 2017 Youth Experience Survey;
● A Four-Year Analysis of Labor Trafficking Cases in the United States;
● 2018 Report on the Incidence of Sex Trafficking in Maricopa County Adult Probation; and
● Sex Trafficking in Hawai'i: Exploring Online Sex Buyers