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Arizona Laws

Arizona Laws

In 2014 House Bill 2454 strengthened state law by increasing penalties for human trafficking while improving and enhancing protective measures for the victimized and vulnerable.
Specifically, H.B. 2454:

  • Creates a separate and higher sentencing structure for traffickers that increases the presumptive sentence:

                     From 10.5 years to 13.5 years for a first offense; 
                     From 15.75 years to 25 years for a trafficker with a prior felony conviction; and
                     From 28 years to 31 years for a trafficker with two or more prior felonies.

  • Adds the language “or should have known” to the section of statute regarding a john who engages in prostitution with a minor who is fifteen, sixteen or seventeen and, therefore, limits the defense that the john did not know he was engaging in prostitution with a minor.
  • Allows any prior felony conviction to qualify for increased sentencing for traffickers, and for johns who knowingly engaged in prostitution with a minor who is fifteen, sixteen or seventeen, or "should have known."
  • Adds an aggravating offense if a trafficker obtained a victim from a shelter for runaway youth, foster care, homeless persons or victims of human trafficking, domestic violence or sexual assault.
  • Adds an affirmative defense for victims of sex trafficking for the crime of prostitution and specifies that a victim’s identifying and locating information is considered private when testifying in a court proceeding or when it is obtained by a prosecution or law enforcement agency.
  • Adds child prostitution, sex trafficking and labor trafficking to the list of acts that constitute racketeering.
  • Requires licensed escorts, escort businesses, massage therapists, and massage therapy businesses to include their license number in any advertisement for services, as well as to keep on file proof of the age of anyone depicted in an advertisement for services.
  • Establishes advertising a minor for prostitution as a class 2 felony, or as a dangerous crime against children if the minor is under 15 years of ages
Other Statutes Related to Human Trafficking